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How To Use ChatGPT To Improve Your Interior Painter Resume

How To Use ChatGPT To Improve Your Interior Painter Resume

When you're an interior painter and you are looking to get hired, your resume might be the one thing that is stopping painting companies from reaching out to you and scheduling an interview for you.

Sometimes it's just a matter of you don't know how to put together a resume so well or you have all of the information on the resume, but the formatting is not ideal.

In the time since ChatGPT has come about (the free to use chat client that uses an AI model trained on information taken from across the internet) it has helped people even do something as important as making a better resume.

Let's have a look at some tips for how to use ChatGPT to improve your interior painter resume -- and next week we will look at how you can get ChatGPT to help you make a resume if you haven't got one at all!

You have a resume -- great, and that's an important start, but is it the kind of resume that is going to get you the job that you want?

Services like ChatGPT have a lot of information available to them but you have to know how to ask what you want, such as improving your resume.

You have to be very specific in your request, and you would start with pasting the entire content of your resume (and hopefully it's no longer than one page to start with) and then start telling it what you are doing.

The first thing you'll want to say in your side of the conversation is what you are doing because so far, all you have done is shown it your resume -- and it doesn't know what to do with it!

You have to remember that ChatGPT can only help you based on what you tell it to do -- think about if you were at a restaurant and when the waiter came you not only had to say that you wanted bread rolls, but that you wanted bread rolls that were heated and that those heated bread rolls should come from the kitchen!

ChatGPT is a lot like that -- it's the waiter that needs to be told that the bread rolls have to be also brought in the basket, or you might see that waiter coming to your table with their arms full of bread rolls!

You should be as straightforward as possible -- and write, "I am an interior painter looking for interior painting work with a painting company and want you to rewrite my resume to make it better for recruiters."

"Please make sure all my work experience is in the same tense" is something you may want to add in there so that your resume doesn't read weird -- when part of your work experience is in the past tense and some in the present tense, it does not look right to the reader.

"As we review my resume, if there are areas where you think more detail would be helpful, feel free to ask for clarification or additional information" - this actually was a suggestion that ChatGPT made as to the best way to specifically get ChatGPT to ask for that information.

Once you have finished all of this and ChatGPT has given you your new resume, it might be a good idea to ask it, "please tell me all of the changes you made to the resume and how you think it will make for a better resume.

It's also important, once you get the resume, to do your own edits to it to give it more of a 'you' feel - you know your own voice and how you would phrase things and it doesn't hurt to make small changes to the resume to make it more like you.

Next week, we will discuss how to get ChatGPT to create a resume with your help!

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